When you open the side gate to your building and walk your bike down the walkway and slot your key into the storage room door and the windows of both your building and the one next to it are thrown wide open for fresh air above you and as you stand there it sounds like you’re in your neighbor’s living room maybe sitting on the couch or in a chair in front of him as he sings and plays guitar and it’s a song you know and like and he’s doing it pretty well but it’s clear that it’s too high and out of the range where he can really let loose and sing so he tries it an octave lower but that doesn’t work and so he tries it an octave higher again but that’s no good either and after you hang your bike on the hook and lock the door behind you, is it or is it not the neighborly thing to do to wave hello and ask if he would like to borrow a capo?

What do you think?

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