These events have thrown you.
I sat on the couch facing the windows while we talked.

For the first hour, I watched the trees. It is May which means they are huge and green and dance like mad when the winds pick up. It’s been blowing here like it does every spring, with gusts west to east that can push you out of a bike lane if you’re not careful, and send any loose petal into any corner of the city.

For the second hour, I watched the crows. In the evening they fly around and make a racket — first heading up the hill, then back down. They’ll settle onto a branch for a while sometimes, then fly off to do it all again.

During the third hour, two crows sat in the tree outside my window. I listened to you talk as I watched them be blown about. I imagined them as you, holding firmly to whatever is beneath your feet as you ride out this wind that tosses you wildly about in a sea of green.

What do you think?

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