The dryer’s door was closed, the power was on, and a pile of damp clothes sat inside.
“Should we set it for a timed dry, or sensor dry?”
“Sensor dry. Maybe at delicates?” He turned the knob. Blue light on delicates. “But put the temperature on low. Extra low will take forever.” He pushed a button. Nothing.
“It won’t let you.”
“Push it again.”
“It won’t let you, see?” He pushed it again. Again. Again. The blue light stayed on extra low.
“Let me try.” She tried. Nothing. “Maybe delicates is a pre-set. Try permanent press.” He turned the knob to permanent press. The blue lights shifted.
“We don’t want extra high heat though, right?”
“No, probably not.” He pushed a button. Nothing. She pushed a button. Nothing.
“What the fuck?”
“Just set it to do a timed dry.”
“How long?”
“I don’t know. Thirty minutes?”
“I’ll do forty. These aren’t as fast as at the ones at the laundromat.” He moved a knob, pushed one more button. The blue lights shifted. A song played. The door locked, and the dryer began to turn.

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