Tidbit #8 – Music!

We got our first installment of music on Tuesday from composer Kristin Hevner-Wyatt. I wish I had taped the class’s reaction when they heard it for the first time. I didn’t. In lieu of that, here’s my best attempt at a play-by-play:

Song One

  • 0:00 – I begin the opening number, without any introduction besides a request for everyone to listen
  • 0:15 – Gertrude and Laila look at each other with an are-you-thinking-what-i’m-thinking look
  • 0:25 – Eyes light up. A few students whisper ‘this is our opera!’
  • 0:45 – Sebastian declares: I’ve got it–it’s the Hobbit!
  • 0:50 – More confidant mutterings of “It’s our opera”
  • 1:35 – I begin to sing along
  • 1:36 – Declarations of “It’s one of the riddles!”
  • 1:58 – Declarations of “this is Awesome”
  • 2:43 – Song ends. Wild applause

Song Two

  • 0:00 – I begin the song that introduces the Mad Candy Hatter, with a request for them to tell me what part of the opera it’s from
  • 0:10 – Dawning recognition
  • 0:20 – “This has to be the mad candy hatter!”
  • 0:28 – “Mad candy hatter. It can’t be anything else.”
  • 0:35 – I begin to sing along
  • 0:36 – Celebrations all around
  • 1:00 – Song ends. Immediate requests to play it again, so we can all sing it. Which we do.

What do you think?

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