Tidbit #6 – Dynamics

One of the more interesting aspects of getting to step back and observe a Thursday Master Class is that I get to pay close attention to the collaborative dynamic of the students in the class. I’ve been increasingly impressed by the level of camaraderie that’s beginning to take root, and it bodes well for the rest of the year. A few small examples of what I mean:

  • During a master class, Victoria decided she didn’t want to do a moment of improvised performance on her own. Several of the students encouraged her to give it a go, and when she persisted in saying she’d rather not, the others respectfully dropped the issue.
  • In response to the question about what was fun about lyric writing: “It can be fun to bounce ideas off each other”
  • When we were editing lyrics, I never heard one complaint about a student’s idea getting crossed out, even when it was a line I knew they loved and were proud of.
  • When asked if it was hard to see your idea crossed out, a student said “Yeah, but sometimes you have to cross out good ideas to make the song better.”

What do you think?

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