Tidbit #12 – Feeling Color

Local screen printer and Little Opera aficionado Jon Fischer has been with us these last two Thursdays creating glorious messes with our students in the name of learning to mix color. My favorite moment came at the start of yesterday’s class, when he first introduced our older students to the logic and uses of the color wheel. We all sat down around a large work table, on top of which Jon had made the skeleton of a giant color wheel–a large sheet of paper with splotches of red, blue, and yellow at the corners of a large equilateral triangle. After everyone had settled in, he started off class with a simple question: What colors do we have here? Without missing a beat, Andrew (a 4th grader in his 2nd year at Little Opera) pointed to them each in turn and said: Furious, Lonely, and Energetic. We must be doing something right.

What do you think?

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