Tidbit #10 Hyper- activity

A.) Things I already knew about kids and hyper-ness:

  1. Windy days are as reliably hyper-inducing as sugar.
  2. It’s contagious
  3. The expression of hyper-ness tends to involve jumping, spinning, and other exuberant forms of movement and vocalization
  4. It’s impossible to stop. And it’s probably best not to try.
  5. In fact, it’s probably just best to sit back, take it in, and let the laughter come.

B.) Observed inducements of hyper-ness in kids (during Little Opera yesterday):

  1. Learning to sing songs they worked with composers to write from scratch.
  2. Hearing music for the first time that is a piece of the opera they’re creating.
  3. Announcing roles for said opera.
  4. Any reference to the game ‘wax museum’

C.) Measurable indicators of yesterday’s hyper-ness in Little Opera students

  1. The event of seven children jumping up and down on the rug in a spontaneous outpouring of excess energy
  2. Typically quiet children talking in a non-stop fashion
  3. Madness. Pure, utter, grin-filled madness.

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