After an Absurdly Long Absence – First Thoughts

After an inexcusably long break from sharing my thoughts on the internet, I’m back. The inexcusable excuses for my writing lapse: Life, Teaching, Little Opera. The inspiration to get back on the wagon : A three-day international teaching artist conference in Oslo, Norway. My task now is to wrap my head around those three days, and I will begin with

a disclaimer: I will not be able to do it justice

Bringing my own four years of work as a San Francisco teaching artist into a room with thousands of accumulated years of Teaching Artistry from across the globe was like viewing a 4th dimension. The amount of high quality work currently underway is impressive. The amount of work still left to do is humbling.

Over the next two months while, I will be writing about what I saw, programs I was introduced to, and the impressions and reflections that have come as a result. Consider this your invitation to join the conversation.

What do you think?

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