My dad gives good advice. Here are some examples:

  • When you are car sick, look out the front window.
  • When you are sea sick, look at the horizon.
  • When you are trying to put a machine together, don’t start forcing things and assuming it’s the machine’s fault for not fitting because really it is probably your fault.
  • Try not to wreck your knees.
  • When you are learning to drive a stick shift, put the clutch in before shifting gears (and see previous advice about not forcing things).
  • Remember your tent poles when backpacking.
  • Do not use soap on your cast iron pans.
  • Staying up all night to read a new Harry Potter the day it comes out in hardcover is a wonderful activity for people of all ages.
  • When considering the feasibility of absurdly large purchases, break the cost down into the number of burritos per week you would have to give up in order to afford it.

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