I never seem to get much done in a day compared to the list of what I had planned to do. Today, for an example, after whittling that list down to six seemingly completable things I left work having completed exactly one half of one of those things. This is a regular occurrence, and I can so far infer three things in regard to this problem:

  1. My lists are not very useful.
  2. All lists are not very useful.
  3. A single workday is actually quite short, and I have yet to internalize the actual (vs. imagined) length of the single workday despite the fact that each and every one is exactly the same length as the one that came before it (not taking into account the variable length of seasonal daylight or the imperceptibly slowing rotational velocity of the planet), and yet somehow I still do not have a firm enough grasp on how many hours there are in a day to construct a practical and attainable list for myself of things to do.

What do you think?

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