When your team’s just about the worst team in baseball, suddenly a city that went crazy for watching their every move isn’t so interested anymore, and you realize that the 10th row first-base-line seats that cost a fortune back when your team was the best team in baseball are twenty bucks each and you could buy them right now (which you do), and so just like that you’re sitting so close you can see how tall the players really all, and laughing at how hard they’re working to look cool as hell, and marveling at how perfectly coordinated their full-field dance is of shifting from relaxed to ready to tense to relaxed in exactly the same rhythm.

Later on you’ll lean back to try and track the height of a fly ball until it’s completely lost in the lights, and you’ll be impressed by how many seagulls appear the moment it’s over, and you’ll bike home thinking how damn fun it was, even if they did lose.

What do you think?

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