I hate the way you wear your socks. Pulling them on without caring if the heel is on the heel, or sitting awkwardly over the outside of your foot cupping your ankle bone instead. How do you stuff your feet into shoes without smoothing the sock’s bottom for wrinkles first? And the holes! It seems like every time you pull your shoes off, your heel’s rubbed raw, a red hump sticking out through the back of something that’s more rag than sock. And if by some luck your heel is intact, then it’s your big toe that’s fully naked.

Do you ever stop in front of those sock displays at grocery stores and pharmacies and realize that all of that new-sock soft thickness could be yours? Don’t you dream about sitting down and peeling the old ones off, and pulling a new one on, adjusting it just so to mold to the contours of your foot before slipping it into your tennis shoe? Or is that just me?

What do you think?

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