A Bid to Save the World

A play with songs
Cast: Variable [8-12 actors]
Length: 80 minutes

Raised in a world without death, best friends Adam and Evelyn study the fine art of dying. In the recent past, a young woman barters for her beloved brother while Death peels oranges. Elsewhere, a rich man seeks to buy world peace, and a song of great sorrow and beauty is sung and sung again. When being immortal is normal, what is the meaning of life without death?

Rorschach Theater, Washington, DC, 2016
Directed by Lee Liebeskind
Music by Jon Jon Johnson, developed and arranged by Hilary Morrow and cast
With: Linda Bard, Natalie Cutcher, Nahm Darr, Louis E. Davis, Rashard Harrison, Paige O’Malley, Robert Pike, Daven Ralston, Jen Rabbitt Ring, Christian Sullivan, Dallas Tolentino, and Tyasia Velines

Workshop Productions
University High School, San Francisco, CA, 2015 | Directed by Fontana Butterfield
Source Festival, Washington, DC, 2013 | Directed by Elena Velasco

Impact Theater, Berkeley, CA, 2013 | Directed by Lynda Bachman
Avalanche Theater & Inkwell, Washington, DC, 2013 | Directed by Elizabeth Hasen
PlayGround Festival, San Francisco, CA, 2011 | Directed by Jon Tracy

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